CNC mechanical turning

CNC mechanical turning of mechanical and hydraulic componentsUntil the mid-Nineties, Tessari was only involved in precision mechanical grinding, building, piece after piece, its reputation as a serious and reliable Company.

But our customers, who knew us well and had confidence in our grinding skills, began asking us for a further step forward in terms of quality; hence we became a comprehensive precision mechanical engineering workshop and acquired the ability to carry out the entire mechanical part machining/manufacturing process, from the feasibility study to turning, heat and/or surface treatments (galvanizing, burnishing etc.), grinding and surface finishing.

So it was that, prompted by our customers, in the mid-Nineties, we integrated new skills in order to make parts to customer specifications with CNC bar turning (up to 42 mm).

Since then, we have made a lot of progress and today CNC bar mechanical turning is, to all effects, a cornerstone machining operation for our Company, which has enabled us not only to take up with great satisfaction construction challenges of huge technical complexity, but also to have full control over the entire manufacturing process.

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