Feasibility study

Production of mechanical and hydraulic components - Feasibility studyTessari is a precision mechanical engineering workshop which manufactures hydraulic parts and components according to the projects of its customers.

This means that the project and the technical specifications of the machine, assembly or system to which our components are to be fitted, are not developed by us, but by the Companies – often multinational – for which we work.

Nevertheless – to be able to draw up a correct worksheet, in order to efficiently integrate with the customer’s production flows and, above all, to do our job properly, reducing the number of faults and nonconformities – we too, in turn, perform a series of assessments and technical analyses according to projects and drawings which are given to us: we do this, of course, on the basis of our over 40 years of experience and using an extremely realistic approach, aimed exclusively at assessing the technical feasibility of the requested machining jobs, the hydraulic components and the mechanical parts.

The feasibility study is a preliminary assessment and planning instrument which permits not finding any unpleasant surprises during the subsequent machining phases (turning and grinding, in particular), but is also a further chance to assess the absolute consistency of certain parts/details.

It can in fact occur that during the study, small or large discrepancies come to light between different project drawings and/or different project components. These are normally inconsistencies that can be easily solved and corrected in this phase, but which would lead to perhaps even serious faults and malfunctions were they to escape notice and be transferred to the finished parts.

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