Established 40 years ago, we specialize in the production of mechanical and hydraulic componentsTessari was established in the second half of the Seventies, like many other companies belonging to the great mechanical engineering tradition of Modena; and like many other firms, it is the upshot of the passion and the desire to "do good" of one man who, after many years spent as a foreman in a large engineering company, decided to start his own business, specializing in mechanical grinding and founded the first nucleus of what was to become, in short, the Officina Meccanica Tessari.

For about fifteen years the Tessari machine shop was dedicated exclusively to mechanical grinding, consolidating its skills, gaining experience and tenaciously building a reputation of serious and reliable company.

These were years of rapid economic growth and, in the Province of Modena in particular, precision mechanical engineering went through a phase of gradual acceleration, business expansion and rapid technical refinement.

The boost provided by a number of large companies in the district (such as Salami Pompe and OilControl), which began to establish themselves at international level, also affected many of their suppliers, especially in the automotive and hydraulic industries. It was specifically in this field that Tessari - order after order - made a name for itself as a reliable and competent supplier of mechanically ground hydraulic parts and components.

In the early Nineties the founder, Luigi Tessari left the Company to Diego Rossetto, expert grinder and old employee, who took over the firm together with his wife Lara Borsari. The change of hands opened up new scenarios for the company's future. A passion for mechanical engineering jobs was joined by a solid vision of the future in terms of organization, management and openness to European and international cultures: the Tessari machine shop was now ready to look ahead and acquire renown not only on the Italian market, but also within Europe as a whole.

Tessari was already a serious and reliable company, well-known in the industry and among its Customers ... but it was still "only" an excellent mechanical precision grinding concern and its customers were looking for more; consequently, in the mid-Nineties, the company moved to new premises and integrated new skills/abilities relating to CNC turning and surface finishing by tumbling, becoming, to all effects, a complete Precision Mechanical Engineering Workshop, specialized in the field of hydraulics.

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