Packaging and Logistics

Once tumbling has terminated, the pieces are washed/blown and go through the last quality controls, those which ensure perfect compliance with the specifications given to us by our customers.

Once end-of-line controls have been performed, the hydraulic components and mechanical parts which have now been completed are packaged or boxed according to their technical characteristics and/or according to the requirements of the individual customer: this is an important step – of absolute technical as well as logistic dignity, - which we in Tessari treat and manage with the same precision and passion which we dedicate to mechanical operations.

To ensure perfect integration with the production flows and logistic requirements of our customers in fact, the pieces must not “only” be perfect from a technical, metallurgical and mechanical machining viewpoint, but must also reach the production/assembly lines on time and the warehouses in perfect condition.

Hence, during the last twenty years, we have invested resources and attention, and have managed to also give efficient and reliable answers to this last step which we now considers almost as important as a highly-skilled precision mechanical machining operation.

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