From the mid-Nineties to the present, the Modena hydraulic component manufacturing district has continued to strengthen, and taken on – step after step – a definitive and undisputed guide-role at global level.

Production of mechanical and hydraulic components to Customer projectsAn essential role in this gradual strengthening process has been played by a number of major incorporations/acquisitions, which have also involved several customers of ours and resulted in large fluid and hydraulic multinational concerns such as Poclain™ and Bosch-Rexroth-Oil Control™ moving to our district.

In a manufacturing perspective initially confined to the district, but which was gradually becoming global, technical expectations, the need to integrate production and administration and the service demands of our customers could hardly but undergo rapid growth.

And so it was that we too grew, and became what we are today - a solid and reliable precision mechanical engineering workshop, specialized in the complete production of hydraulic components, from the feasibility study to CNC turning, grinding and surface finishing, i.e., from bars to the perfection of the finished piece.

Still today, like 40 years ago, we consider ourselves craftsmen at heart, sincerely in love with our job; we still continue to feel a deep sense of satisfaction for the perfection of what we create with our hands; and we are still a flexible and streamlined company.

But unlike in the past, today we have standards of organization, work flows, quality management and production integration tools which are far more structured and integrated with those of our customers, large international hydraulic companies which export the world over.

Wherever you are, therefore, if you are working with an earthmoving or road repair machine, or an agricultural machine or system… it is very likely that somewhere in that machine there are hydraulic components made, machined and/or ground by us.

Our Machinery

  • CNC bar lathes with counter spindle and motor driven max diameter 40

  • CNC mobile sliding head lathes max diameter 25

  • Centreless grinders max diameter 40

  • CNC centre grinders

  • Traditional centre grinders

  • Lathes for turning hardened or tempered materials

  • Tangential max 350 x 650

  • Tumbling units

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