40 years ago, when we started our journey, a workshop or a mechanical grinding company was considered to be of quality if its products and workmanship were of the highest standard.

Production of mechanical and hydraulic components to Customer projects - QualityToday, instead, in a context which is becoming increasingly more global and international, performing quality precision machining operations does not "only" mean technically perfect turning, grinding and surface finishing, but also knowing how to effectively and flexibly integrate with the procedures and demands of customers.

In other words, quality can no longer be considered "only" a technical matter, but is, to all effects also a management, administration and logistics approach.

  • integrating our work flows and cycles with those of the customer
  • integrating our documentary and administrative flows with those of the customer
  • properly managing any "nonconformities" and related 8D procedures
  • Packaging machined parts in the safest and most convenient way for the customer
  • flexibly managing logistics and pickup/delivery phases

For this reason, over the years, we have worked with conviction to build and implement a Quality-System (certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008) which is streamlined, efficient and - above all - effective from the point of view of our customers.

The upshot of this long process is today’s Tessari mechanical workshop: an extremely reactive structure capable of outstanding product quality - as only a small Emilian business unit knows how! - But also, at the same time, equipped with a mature and industrially-minded organization, able to allow us to integrate perfectly in the cycles, the flows and the logics of our large International Customers.

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