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40 years ago, hydraulic components were used almost exclusively on earthmoving machinery or, more rarely, on agricultural machinery: hydraulics was a world of giants or at least, of fairly “weighty” machines and apparatus.

Production of mechanical and hydraulic components - Sectors & ApplicationsHydraulic fluids and apparatus had already shown themselves amply capable of generating, transporting, multiplying and applying “force” at a distance and doing so efficiently, reliably and in a very flexible way. What was missing was the ability to compress the dimensions and forces involved, guaranteeing increasingly more stringent tolerances, as the dimensions of the components were reduced.

But since then, things have changed a lot.

The applications for which our products are used continue to expand and along with them so do our skills: our mechanical components (such as gears, bearing seats, shaft and spindle seats) and hydraulic parts (pistons, pressure compensator pistons, cursors, valve seats, shutters, needle valves, etc.), are in fact now used in assemblies for valves, pumps and gears, max pressure and/or safety valves, fluid and hydraulic control valves, control and driving joysticks of machines and systems, hydraulic units, orbital motors, lifting mechanisms and many other apparatus used in the field of fluid dynamics.

The size of hydraulic components and apparatus is becoming increasingly smaller and this means the range of possible applications has increased, and now includes the automotive industry, household appliances, the biomedical sector, woodworking machines and many others. And this range of applications looks all set to increase even further in future.

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